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Freedom First Credit Union Economic Revitalization

Freedom First works hard with local developers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to breathe new life into our region through commercial
redevelopment of existing properties, preserving and honoring the buildings’ historical significance to the surrounding community. One such project Freedom First was excited to finance was the restoration of the historic Fire Station #1 building in downtown Roanoke.

Freedom First Credit Union A Spirit of Giving

2020 and 2021 were challenging years for many organizations, especially nonprofits. Freedom First recognized the need and stepped in to provide relief beyond what we could offer through the Small Business Association’s Paycheck Protection Program or Community Development Block Grant - Coronavirus funding from the government.

Freedom First Credit Union A Home Within Reach

Franklin, a young Roanoke man looking to spread his wings and live independently, came to Freedom First hoping to buy a home of his own. He had experience living as a renter but moved back in with his parents when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Franklin began his career journey 10 years ago when he joined the Carilion team after successfully completing the Project Search Special Education Program through Montgomery County Schools. He’s an active participant in Young Life, Best Buddies of VT, and his softball team made it to the Special Olympics National Games in 2019. He had enough saved up for a down payment, but with no credit score he struggled to qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Freedom First Credit Union Reliable Transportation and Furthering Education

Alicia made a resolution not to accumulate a lot of debt, but when a lack of credit history meant she couldn’t obtain a traditional auto loan, she realized that the Responsible Rides® program could be the solution for her. Alicia had very specific needs for her vehicle – she not only wanted to make sure her father and sister would feel comfortable riding in it, but she also needed to make sure it had enough space to store her sister’s walker and be easily accessible.

Freedom First Credit Union Smart Ways to Save for Retirement

Retirement is an aspiration we all hope to reach – sooner rather than later! However, if you’re just starting your career journey, retirement can seem like a lifetime away. For others, it’s right around the corner, and you may be wondering if you’re genuinely prepared, financially speaking.

Freedom First Credit Union Which to Fund First: Emergency Accounts or Investments?

So this pay period looks to be a great windfall. You’ll have that extra bit to sock away for a rainy day. When we ask people what they plan to do with the extra money, many of them tell us that they plan to invest it toward their retirement.

Freedom First Credit Union Pros & Cons of Saving vs. Investing

One of the most popular questions people ask is whether they should save their money or invest it. The simple answer: both. While investing your money traditionally earns more than a savings account, there are risks and downsides.

Before you jump straight into risk-based investments, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of both options

Freedom First Credit Union Why You Need a Financial Advisor

With the rise of online trading companies, it has become increasingly evident that investing and financial well-being weigh heavily on the minds of many Americans. These companies offer the promise of super-easy investing and outstanding returns.

Unfortunately, that is only half the picture when it comes to a solid long-term investment strategy. In reality, it takes much more than a few great stock picks along the way. However, working with a reputable financial advisor can help you make wise investment decisions and help you keep a well-rounded investment portfolio.

Freedom First Credit Union 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Home

Buying a home can be exciting, and with the quick pace of the market today, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. The competitive real estate market can lead people to make home offers before they’ve done their due diligence. The result can be buying a home that doesn’t really fit their needs or wants, or worse costs more than they planned on spending.

Freedom First Credit Union Great Resignation or New Opportunities?

As you turn on the TV or glance through the latest news stories, you can’t help but hear about the “Great Resignation.” With more and more people leaving their current jobs, businesses are struggling to find workers. Due to staffing shortages, some companies are even adjusting their hours or closing one or two days a week.

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