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Freedom First Credit Union Great Resignation or New Opportunities?

As you turn on the TV or glance through the latest news stories, you can’t help but hear about the “Great Resignation.” With more and more people leaving their current jobs, businesses are struggling to find workers. Due to staffing shortages, some companies are even adjusting their hours or closing one or two days a week.

Freedom First Credit Union Should You Use a Business Line of Credit or Credit Card?

As a business owner, you know how vital cash flow is, and you may need to tap into credit frequently. Whether it’s covering inventory, making payroll, or everyday expenses, many businesses rely on credit.

Freedom First Credit Union How Businesses Establish & Build Credit

Did you know that, just like individuals, your business needs a good credit score? Whether you’re thinking of turning your side hustle into a full-time gig or starting a new business, establishing business credit is imperative.

Freedom First Credit Union Six Ways to Use a Business Loan

Here at Freedom First, we are proud to offer small business loans to our entrepreneurial members at affordable interest rates and easy eligibility requirements. Here are six popular ways to use a small business loan.

Freedom First Credit Union Starting a Business Blog

Every business is blogging today, but creating a killer business blog can be challenging. How do you strike that perfect balance between professionalism and casualness while building a blog that promotes your business in the best way possible? Here, we’ve outlined four steps for creating an outstanding blog for your organization.

Freedom First Credit Union Let's Talk About Rising Rates

I’ve heard that the Fed plans to raise the interest rate this year. How will this impact the economy and the current inflation rates?

Freedom First Credit Union The Power of Branding

Building a brand image that stands out and truly represents your company is a crucial, yet challenging, part of growing your business. Fortunately, building a better brand image for your business is doable for entrepreneurs at every level. Here are some pointers to consider as you work on creating or improving your brand image.

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