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Freedom First Credit Union Smart Ways to Save for Retirement

Retirement is an aspiration we all hope to reach – sooner rather than later! However, if you’re just starting your career journey, retirement can seem like a lifetime away. For others, it’s right around the corner, and you may be wondering if you’re genuinely prepared, financially speaking.

Freedom First Credit Union Which to Fund First: Emergency Accounts or Investments?

So this pay period looks to be a great windfall. You’ll have that extra bit to sock away for a rainy day. When we ask people what they plan to do with the extra money, many of them tell us that they plan to invest it toward their retirement.

Freedom First Credit Union Pros & Cons of Saving vs. Investing

One of the most popular questions people ask is whether they should save their money or invest it. The simple answer: both. While investing your money traditionally earns more than a savings account, there are risks and downsides.

Before you jump straight into risk-based investments, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of both options

Freedom First Credit Union How to Save on Your Next Vacation

Everyone deserves a nice vacation. It’s your chance to get away from the daily grind, relax your mind, and create memories with your friends and family. While the destinations to choose from are limitless, your budget is most likely not.

Whether traveling cross-country or across continents, there are many ways to save money while on vacation. Here are 15 tips to help ease your vacation planning and make your hard-earned money go further.

Freedom First Credit Union What Not To Do With Your IRS Tax Refund

What Not to do With Your IRS Tax Refund

When you receive your tax refund, learning how to spend it wisely is your best bet. But you should also learn some of the ways you shouldn't be using it. Below, we've provided you with ideas on how to use your IRS tax refund and some ways you should avoid.

Freedom First Credit Union How to Maintain Your Savings in the Coming Years

In a roller-coaster-type fashion, consumer saving and spending have seen their ups and downs during the Covid-19 pandemic. First, when the pandemic started, not only did spending on travel come to a screeching halt, but entertainment rapidly declined, as did in-person shopping. In general, people were spending less of their money, preferring to hold onto their cash partly or fully due to the unknown. Then, as the pandemic continued, government stimulus payments started hitting consumers’ accounts, and many people decided to safeguard these payments too.

This scenario resulted in a rise in consumer savings. However, that shift in consumer saving over spending is starting to reverse course as a result of a few key drivers, making it harder to maintain the savings you built. 

Freedom First Credit Union New Year, New Money Habits: How to Stick With It in 2022

If you’re like most people, you likely start each year with a list of resolutions to help you improve various aspects of your life. The list may include resolutions to help you become more physically fit, further your career growth and improve your personal relationships. Another category of resolutions you may make centers on those that affect your finances. 

Freedom First Credit Union Building Habits Through Small Wins

As the year comes to an end, you may be starting to think about all you want to accomplish in the new year. If you’re like most, some of your resolutions probably include either breaking an old habit or starting a new one. Whether your goals consist of losing a certain amount of weight or getting out of debt, the key to success is starting small.

After all, significant changes, especially when it comes to habits, can be difficult. By starting with small wins, you’ll eventually work your way up to your ultimate goal.

Freedom First Credit Union Double Check Your Loans Before the End of the Year

With the holidays quickly approaching, your mind is probably focused on gift lists, decorations, travel plans, and family events. But the end of the year is also the perfect time to review your loans.

While loans typically make up members’ largest monthly expenses — from mortgages and car loans to student loans and credit cards — they also provide some of the most significant saving opportunities. Taking time to review your existing loans and looking for opportunities to save could put you in a much better financial position as a new year rolls around.

Freedom First Credit Union Fall Financial Clean Up Tips

For many, fall signifies the beginning of the end of the year. It’s a time when many people start to plan for the holidays and the new year. Whether it's about decorations, parties, gifts, travel, entertainment, or anything in between, the magic of fall is contagious. But did you know that fall is also one of the best seasons for financial planning ahead of the new year?

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